Smith Slip Duct Covers – Leading the Way In Duct Protection!

Prevent Ductwork Contamination with Smith Slip’s PRO-LINE Duct Covers

Smith Slip Utility Covers are designed to: (1) protect your items by keeping them free from dirt, moisture, paint and construction debris ; (2) the cover is reusable and can be used as a testing cap. It has been tested by a T.A.B.B. certified technician. The small and medium covers have been tested to over 7.5″ water gauge positive or negative pressure. Smith Slip Utility Covers will fit items round, square, oval.

K&D Slip Covers, now doing business as RJ Covers LLC and J&S Fabrication Inc. have successfully defended the patent case brought by Ductcap against our Smith Slip protective cover products. All of Ductcap’s patent infringement claims were defeated, and claims of Ductcap’s patent were declared invalid by a United States Federal Court. RJ Covers LLC has full rights and authority under Patent #D492,7635 to sell all Smith Slip protective cover products.

Pro-Line Duct Covers from Smith Slips
Simply A Better Way To Cover!
  • Sizes color coded for quick size identification
  • Durable, Flexible and Waterproof
  • Saves time and labor, eliminating need to fabricate special covers on-site
  • Snug Fit Design Prevents Dust Dirt and Debris from entering ductwork during construction projects.
  • Ideal for use by workers doing installation in a “clean room”
  • Sturdy enough to withstand months of inclement weather conditions
  • Reusable for subsequent products
  • No Sticky adhesives to clean off
  • Made From Recycled material
  • Covers installed on TDC Ductwork transport up to 65 mph in open truck
  • Can be used for covering & protecting equipment and materials of other trades